Chapel Hill Electronic Text-Converter (CHET-C)


CHET-C is a tool written by Tom Elliott and Hugh Cayless which enables the (largely) automated conversion of standard epigraphic sigla to EpiDoc XML via a simple interface.




The latest incarnation of CHET-C is served through a web browser and runs in Javascript. The stable version of this tool can be found online at:



The source files for this tool can be downloaded from the Sourceforge CVS repository and edited freely. (If you improve these files, please feed your improvements back to the EpiDoc community).





Paste the Leiden-formatted text into the text box. By default, a line break in the text is taken to be a real line break in the inscription; if you don't want that, check the box marked ignore line breaks, in which case only a '/' willbe taken as a line break.


Now press the convert button, and the marked up text appearsbelow. This is not a complete EpiDoc file; it must be pasted into a div type="edition"in a TEI EpiDoc file, and may need tweaking, correction, or disambiguation.


You would then typically add your own editorial comments, description, and so forth.