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XML Editors


Why bother

XML can be edited in any Unicode-aware text editor, such as Windows Notepad. However, doing so means that the onus is on you, the user, not to make any errors and to type everything that is needed. This gets boring very quickly, so most people use a special XML editor.


What will it do for me


Typical features of an XML editor:


  • Syntax highlighting/coloring
  • Well-formedness checking
  • Validation (to DTD, XSD Schema, or RelaxNG schema)
  • Run XSLT transformations
  • Content completion:
    • Closing end tags for you
    • Supplying attribute values
    • Supplying required child elements
  • Creation of documents from templates


Some editors


This section lists a selection of XML editors, with download links and user comments. See also choosing an XML editor (external link).


Cooktop (Features,Download)


Basic, but free, editor. DTD validation. Windows 2000/XP. Requires Java.


Exchanger (Features, Download )


30-day trial download available. Windows, MacOS, Linux (Requires Java).


jEdit (Features Download)


Free, Open Source coding editor with plugins for XML. Windows, Linux, MacOSX (required Java). A bit of investment required to set-up for XML and XSLT use, but recommended at several EpiDoc training events. A few irritating bugs that have never been fixed. (See Guidelines for examples.)


oXygen (Features, Download )


30-day trial download available. Windows, MacOS, Linux (Requires Java).


Stylus Studio (Features, Download)


Trial available. Windows 2000/XP.


XMetaL Author (Features, Download Trial)


30-Day demo trial available. Windows 2000/XP. Mid/high-end license fee. Lots of features; a popular editor for non-experts because of tag-hiding views, but no XSLT support in Author version. A few years since the latest substantive upgrade.


XML Copy Editor (Features, Download)


Free, Open Source XML editor. Windows, Linux. Recently discussed on TEI-L list. Apparently still quite basic, but includes some TEI-specific features.


XML Spy ( Features, Download )


Trial available. Has Free Home edition. Windows (MacOS and Linux only under Windows emulation).

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