EpiDoc IRC Channel


The EpiDoc Community maintains an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel to facilitate synchronous communication between its members. All active EpiDoc practitioners are highly encouraged to login to the channel as often as possible when doing so does not interfere in other work. In this way, questions can be answered quickly and Community interaction enhanced.


Channel host and address



Chris Lilley adds:


Or to say the same thing in a shorter way:



Once you have an IRC client, it can be triggered automatically by just following [or typing in] such a link.


Note: freenode requests that users "register" their nicknames in order to prevent other users, or bots, hijacking them. See the instructions for freenode user registration for more details.


How to connect



Potential problems


In some circles, IRC has acquired a bad reputation as a conduit for everything from rudeness to viruses, spam, porn and terrorist communications. The same could be said of many means of bridging distance, both physical and electronic. Where IRC is concerned, some institutions (universities, companies or internet service providers) choose simply to block the IRC "port" (an interface through which data are sent and received, in this case: port 6667). This means that no communication is permitted via this mechanism. Some personal firewall software also disables IRC activity in this way.


Most up-to-date client software has mechanisms for preventing virus propagation, especially if you do not allow other users to send you files via IRC.


If you find you cannot connect to IRC, port blocking may be the problem. Try the following steps:



IRC Clients We Know and Love


EpiDoc practitioners are invited to contribute short descriptions of client software they have personally used here.




Chatzilla is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.



Visual IRC (VIRC)


Visual IRC is a standalone IRC client for Windows, and happens to be the one Chris Lilley uses. You can read about its features and then download it





Mirc is another, Windows-only, IRC client. It is shareware, and has a 30-day evsluation available. You can read about it and download it